This is a guest post by Tatiana Buyanova. Tatiana is the head of Business Development at Travelpayouts. Tatiana helps such advertisers as, Viator, and 200K affiliates across the globe in reaching 8-figure revenue.

Webinars can help you reach the largest group of people across time and geographic distances.

At Travelpayouts, we host webinars for affiliate marketers and travel bloggers every month. It’s a powerful tool to engage your audience and not spend tons of money on event spaces. Just use GoToWebinar, Zoom Meetings, Webex or other platforms to host your webinar. 

Here are five tips to make sure you will master yours. 

Relevant Topic 

Your webinar topic matters most for your audience. Use Google News to figure out what’s trending in the media for your industry and think how you can build-on your brand there 

For example, in travel you can talk about how to effectively sell tours to holiday-makers. If you are targeting moms and pops, address the needs of their target group – families with kids, young single adults, what are the best spots for them to spend vacation and save money? 

Right now, everyone is talking about the coronavirus and it really affects the travel industry. People are interested in how to rearrange their activities, what flights are going to be cancelled, and what hotels shut down. Plus, they are concerned how this all will affect the travel business.

While hosting a webinar, you can natively promote your services if they align with the relevant topic.

Detailed program and speakers

Include detailed bullet points to your agenda as your wider audience might be interested in various aspects. Some points may be better suited to a print piece, like an eBook or a whitepaper, while others are better with a visual demonstration. Make sure you’ve prepared diagrams, charts and other visual materials upfront. 

Find a good speaker for your webinar! If they are influencers, it will work in your favor. Having an influencer speak has two major benefits: you’ll have a recognizable name to increase your credibility and registrations, and influencers can expose your webinar to their audience, giving you more brand awareness.


A killer webinar is all about VALUE. I've been a content creator for the better part of a decade, and there is nothing your audience hates more than a webinar advertised as a training that's 80% fluff (sales) and 20% value. My webinars convert anywhere from 16-32% because they are real, genuine trainings. In my webinars, I orient the audience so that they know they're in the right place, go over exactly what they're going to learn, give a 5 minute intro to myself to show credibility and create trust - then I dive right in. If you don't bring some piece of educational value to your audience within 10 minutes, you'll lose them.
Follow the give + give + give + ASK formula, and your webinars will be much more well received!
Jessica Korthuis, CEO/Founder of Sohuis


One of the best things about live webinars is the audience’s ability to interact and get their questions answered quickly and easily.

The main benefit of a webinar rather than a static YouTube video is your Q&A session. It's a great tool if you want to gather feedback from your audience, answer their questions, and clear their doubts. While talking with your audience, your listeners can chat with each other in real time. You can ask your colleagues to prepare some interesting questions beforehand and support the discussion for a better flow. 

Exceed expectations 

Stay up within the timeframe and don’t make your audience get bored. Towards the ending, make sure you give your attendees a value on top of what they’ve been expected based on the agenda. Keep some secret weapon for the end when everyone thought they’d receive everything. For example, you can invite your attendees to a private group where they connect with others, or to an offline meetup, or at least offer a discount for your product.

Deliver the information with a smile - it will translate as enthusiasm and passion to your listeners and make them excited. 


The best webinars keep participants engaged throughout the presentation. Encourage submitting questions throughout the webinar and answer them during pre-scheduled question periods. Have some back-up questions ready to answer that people typically ask in case no one has submitted anything.
Another great way to engage webinar attendees is to have interactive polls throughout to gauge in real-time knowledge levels and opinions about the subject matter you're presenting on.
Colton De Vos, Marketing & Tech Enthusiast

Extend your ROI in a follow up 

Your work doesn’t end once the webinar does. People have signed up, provided some personal information, and time out of their day. After each webinar, send an email thanking the participants for joining and include a link to the webinar recording. You can also send them contact information of the host, invite them to a special group with participants, send promo codes to events and other offers.

While running a webinar, you can present a new hotel, take your customers on a mini tour around the resort which you are promoting or show the highlights of their potential trips or introduce them to your new partners (if it’s a business-focused webinar). 

Run a survey at the end of every webinar. As an idea, you can be a test to review the topics covered or suggest a few topics they would be interested in discussing in the next webinar. Use two or three questions and do not overwhelm your audience.